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Welcome to the revamp of the Criminal Cinema site. We're still shovelling in content on a daily basis for the new direction of this site. Please excuse us if everything is not completely linked and articles are still skimpy. Just think of us as a restaurant that just opened but the full menu is not out yet.

For those of you familiar with the Cinemuerte Horror Film Festival, this site was originally created to support the off kilter movie programming in the style of the festival.

The festival typically runs during each July but there is so much more stuff that we wish to present which obviously cannot fit into the length of Cinemuerte.

So CC was created. From the previous site.

"The Criminal Cinema is a transient film program aimed at bringing Vancouver the finest in reperatory and obscure programming, as well as film-related special events that combine the films with a more social atmosphere. Organized under the umbrella of the registered non-profit CineMuerte Film Society, The Criminal Cinema operates approximately once a month at one of Vancouver's many alternative venues, including the Blinding Light!!, The Hollywood, the Church of Pointless Hysteria, the Fox, and the Pacific Cinematheque. Past events have even seen us situated at the Stardust Roller Rink!"

In the Summer of 2002, Kier-la (the festival founder and programmer) and her merry band of volunteers leased the old Fox porn theatre on Main St., spend countless days repainting, repairing and generally cleaning up the joint for shows on weekends. The regular raincoaters must have appreciated the reno.

Unfortunately, costs were higher than expected and the anticipated revenue promised by some of the partners did not come to fruition. Despite presenting rarities such as El Topo and 3D porn the irregular attendance could not sustain the project for more than a few months. Here is an archive of previous movie presentations.

The site laid dormant for the last two years until the volunteer webmaster and host provider (me) decided to turn the site into a reviews and articles site. Using some of the written content that Kier-la has generated throughout the years for her magazine and other publications such as Fangoria, we hope to provide fans of alt cinema a fun and useful resource.


Contact Us

Kier-La Janisse

Kier-la Janisse is the founder of both CineMuerte Magazine and the CineMuerte International Horror Film Festival. Kier-la is currently writing a book on the career of Italian cult movie actor Luciano Rossi and has also been working on a reference book on Italian Decamerotics, early 1970s Italian sex comedy movies based on The Decameron. She recently designed a horror film trivia board game for "true aficionados" of the genre called All The Colours Of Darkness, named for Sergio Martino's film. The launching of The Criminal Cinema is the culmination of a lifelong dream/obsession for Kier-la.

Kier-La contributes most of the reviews and articles to this site.

Kier-La can be reached

RL is the webmaster, writes the main page updates and occasionally contributes an article or review.

Web site issues can be sent to RL the