Vampire's Kiss-Movie Review

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Vampire's Kiss

Dir. Robert Bierman
1989, 35mm 103 min. R, 35mm

Vampires Kiss may be the most underrated comedy of the 80s, and proves Nicholas Cage to be the most underutilized comic actor at work in Hollywood.

In fact, Nicholas Cage is so solid in this movie that afterwards he might have well just quit acting altogether, because he would never top this performance, regardless of what the Academy has to say.

Cage stars as a pretentious literary agent whose employees (especially blue-collar secretary Alva) are constantly tormented by his erratic behavior. The office tyranny reaches new levels of humiliation and absurdity when Cage believes hes been bitten by a vampire (Jennifer Beals).

He quickly turns from pleasure-seeking yuppie to blithering, blood-hungry idiot unable to distinguish reality from hallucination. Elizabeth Ashley plays Cages bewildered therapist who endures his temper tantrums on a daily basis (including the hilarious alphabet countdownscene).

Cage's go-for-broke performance even sees him eating a live cockroach in the name of art. It simply doesnt get any better than this. Am I getting through to you?

Kier-La Janisse