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Trailer Town

Giuseppe Andrews
USA 2002 Beta SP Running Time: 80 min.

"How far would you go to defend your trailer...would you go to war?"

Director Andrews (whose turn as Lexx in Detroit Rock City won him hearthrob status all over the internet) wastes no time in letting the audience know what Trailer Town is about: the defenders of trash and the sordid pleasures of sex and a dirty mouth.


From the cantankerous, racist, misogynist 100% disabledsenior citizen with a predilection for anal entry who teaches country dancing as a tool for scoring poon, to his kinda strangebrother who makes love to his own turds while reciting pornographic love poems to it, Trailer Town is brimming with unforgettable characters and inspired dialogue such as "you allowed me to alienate your ass with my afghan." The actors vary in stiffness but for the most part they seem too drunk or too crazy to do anything but act naturally.

And one never gets the sense that Andrews is putting these people on; the real refreshing beauty of Trailer Town is that it's irony-free. Let me be among the first to point this out: somebody snatch this guy up, because so long as dialogue and characterization are permitted to take precedence over conventional 'plot', Andrews is one of the best screenwriters out there.

Kier-La Janisse