Tender Flesh-Welcome to Arrow Beach-Movie Review

Tender Flesh Welcome to Arrow Beach Film Review

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Tender Flesh
(aka Welcome to Arrow Beach)

Dir. Laurence Harvey
USA 1973 35mm Running Time: 85 min.

Laurence Harvey (The Manchurian Candidate) directed in, starred in and co-produced this sordid tale that would become his last screen appearance.

Now, Laurence Harvey had always seemed a little strange, but I dont think anyone expected this a film whose ads consisted of the tagline he killed more than he could eat. A teenager escapes from a car crash and finds herself on Arrow Beach, where she encounters a photographer (Harvey) and his sister.

They offer a room for the night, but she finds herself being stalked by the man, who is seeking to prey on her flesh. It turns out he was marooned on a desert island during the Korean War, and was forced to eat the bodies of is co-pilots to survive.

He thus acquired the taste for human meat which he has had to indulge ever since. All in all, a bizarre movie and an even more bizarre final appearance by Laurence Harvey.(Mikita Brottman) Warner Brothers disowned the film, and other than a brief stint on the exploitation circuit in 1976, it has remained relatively unseen, despite its now legendary cult status.

Also stars a young Meg Foster (she of the weird eyes) as the hippie chick Havey wants to turn into dinner. At CineMuerte 2000 Tender Flesh wowed audiences to the point where they exited the theatre singing the theme song in unison: Who can tell us why...why we have to die...

Kier-La Janisse