Kingdom of the Spiders-Movie Review

Kingdom of the Spinders Film Review

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Kingdom of the Spiders

Dir. Bud Cardos USA
1977 35mm 97 min.

Al Adamson alumnus Bud Cardos directs this balls-out spider-invasion pic that thrills, chills and creeps up your seat!

Starring William Shatner, Woody Strode and five thousand live tarantulas, Cardos' film shows what happens when pesticides destroy the spider smorgasbord and they're forced to see human flesh as viable grub.

Suave ladies' man William Shatner lands in Verde, Arizona, only to discover that the town is being hastily overrun with angry arachnids. In between trysts with various country chicks, Shat finds himself elected official tarantula-torcher, but all the tricks that worked on the Romulans seem rather ineffectual here and the spiders pour in like an unstoppable army.

They're under the bed, in the cupboards, coming out of the drainpipes, they're EVERYWHERE! This movie is so scary, you may faint.

Kier-La Janisse