Guyana Crime of the Century-Movie Review

Guyana Crime of the Century Film Review

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Guyana, Crime of the Century

Dir. Rene Cardone Jr.
Mexico/Panama/Spain 1980
Digi-beta 108 min.

"The ultimate laughable exploitation film by the director of Survive!, a cannibal/disaster hit. The incredible cast flown down to profit from the mass suicide includes Stuart Whitman as Jim Johnson (the names were changed to protect the innocent?), Bradford Dillman as Dr. Gary Straw the Kool-aid mixer, Joseph Cotten, John Ireland, Gene Barry, Yvonne DeCarlo and Jennifer Ashley.

Extremely sleazy, even after cutting to get an R rating, and much more enjoyable than the TV feature that followed." (Michael Weldon)
Fans of exploitation doco-drama DO NOT want to miss this one!