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With this outrageous family crime-drama, bad-boy Takashi Miike takes a simple revenge story and effortlessly transforms it into the one of the most bloody, preposterous and downright entertaining
action epics to hit the screen in years.

The crime outfit headed up by the Fudo family has ruled solidly for years, but shit is about to hit the fan. When Fudo is forced to decapitate his own son as a sacrificial gesture toward a rival gang, his youngest son vows revenge. An army of children and teenage prostitutes, through stringent organization under the guidance of the revenge-driven Riki, strive to bring about the family's downfall in a manner befitting a bloody Shakespearian tragedy.

This is a fairly early effort by Japan's most prolific auteur (and director of last calendar's Ichi the Killer); that said, it is still the 14th film in his impressive and confounding body of work.

All the Miike trademarks are here: the exaggerated camerawork, girls shooting poisoned darts out of their vaginas, spraying blood, flying brain matter -- you know, all the good stuff. Do not miss it.

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