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Cinema Sewer, Zine for the Sick

Let me introduce you to a killer movie zine based out of our very own Vancouver, BC. Robin Bougie, has been self financing, writing and drawing CINEMA SEWER, a totally off the wall film journal/comic for the last few years. Specializing in the bizarre, outright disturbing and "obscene" aspects of filmdom that mainstream magazines wouldn't dare touch even if ensconced in a hermetically sealed, chemical retardent, fireproof kevlar jacket.

Issues 13 and 14, "You want sick?! You can't handle sick!"

Freaky? Yup. Sick and twisted? Like Elasticman after a drinking binge.
Shocking? If you swing that way. Puerile? Only every other page. Disgusting? Some would say so. But along with all that is some of the funniest and most insightful writing on the obscure and overlooked elements of cinema. I picked up issues 13 and 14 yesterday and couldn't put them down. Read them almost cover to cover. Damn you Robin, I was supposed to be working!

Some random topics in those issues?

  • Interview with Bodil Joensen; the sad fate of a renown bestiality porn star from the 60's, translated from a Danish porn mag.
  • Not a Love Story, a Canadian Film Board financed feminist exploitation film from 1980. You have to be a Canadian teacher to buy it?!
  • Robin's take on the power of the pussy. Don't ask, read it.
  • Update on the Bumfights sentencing.
  • Leonard and Paul Schrader's (yes that one) horrifyingly abusive childhood, his suicidal mentality and the banned film Leonard made of violence in America that still isn't available in NTSC.
  • Article describing a New York pornographer who has invented a "bongwater butt pipe" and the porn he has created using the device. (Next time I toke up on somebody elses' pipe, I'm bringing Kleenex and some Lysol)
  • Guest reviewer covering obscure 80's teen flicks. Michael J. Fox free (almost)
  • We're reminded of the deviant nature within Diff'rent Strokes; thought it was a wholesome family show? Think again. Child molestation, rape, kidnapping, bulimia were all played out to the comforting sounds of a sitcom laughtrack. Finally, something to blame my adult problems on.
  • A comic on the mixed feelings about rape porn
  • Full length review of the excellent but ignored Female Convict Scorpion Jailhouse 41, a Japanese "woman in chains" movie that rises well above it's exploitation roots.
  • Robin's vote on the worst movie monster of all time, a mutant sheep.
  • More porn. Maybe a little too much. Interviews, reviews, essays, comics of said topic.

You get the idea.

Mixed within the pages are Robin's own cartoons and illustrations. Some are better than others and the style seems purposely inconsistent but they reflect his kinky mind and blend in perfectly with the articles. Whatever you may think about the magazine, it is absolutely bursting with huge explosive chunks of personality. (Oops, I think the Sewer's influence is catching)

What I find amazing is that Robin hand draws and hand writes each issue's lengthy articles with a pen for press. Yes, you're thinking WTF?! That's truly some old school sh*t! For the computer literati that must be more shocking than some of the articles he writes. Bestiality? Yawn. Snuff films? As if. Thora Birch's parents were porn stars? Whatever. You did this all by hand? You sick f*ck!"Why don't you use Quark?" "Why isn't it done on a computer?" "How come it's not a web magazine?" He must get that all the time.

And what is the price for all this yummy goodness? Would you believe a lousy $4.00 plus shipping?! It's almost worth that much for the covers alone. For less than the price of a grande soy frapuccino decaf light blend no whip you get something that's a whole more satisfying without the fat guilt. Indulge. Follow the link to his site and buy some issues.

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