Black Christmas-Movie Review

Black Christmas Film Review

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Black Christmas

1974, 98 MIN, R, 35mm

In the 1970s, American talent flocked to Canada to take advantage of the tax-shelter programs that essentially gave birth to the Canadian exploitation film.

These included Cronenbergs early films, various Nelvana animated features like Rock and Rule, and to some extent, the ILSA films. Bob Clark's Porky's would become the most successful of these (and is still considered one of the top-grossing Canadian films of all time), but before the Florida-based director helmed his landmark ode to the great 1950's poon-hunt, he made a little film called Black Christmas.

Starring Keir Dullea, Olivia Hussey and Canadian mainstays Margot Kidder and Andrea Martin (in a surprisingly un-comic role), as well as the venerable John Saxon, Black Christmas was the template for future hider-in-the-house-type slasher films.

As a college sorority and their alcoholic house-mother prepare for the upcoming Christmas break, the sudden disappearance of several girls coincides with an onslaught of chilling prank calls. Could it be that someone someone very DISTURBED -- is making their way in and out of the house at will? As the ads proudly proclaimed: "If Black Christmas doesnt make your skin's on too tight!" Required viewing.

Kier-La Janisse