My Youth in Arcadia-Movie Review

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My Youth in Arcadia

Renowned Manga author Matsumoto (Battle of the Planets, Interstella 5555) Leiji's greatest creation, Captain Harlock, comes to the big screen in this magnificent animated film.

When aliens conquer earth and enslave the human race, all hope for freedom is abandoned. Parallels to post-war Japan are ubiquitous the earth is a cold and barren place where humanity clings desperately to whatever scraps it can get, ruled by an uncaring and impermeable Empire.

But Captain Harlock and his rebel space pirates lead a powerful resistance, adopting the fighting strategy of ancient marauders -- and determined to restore freedom to the planet. With their atomic-powered spaceship bearing the feared black flag, Harlock and his men deal in swift justice, not unlike the unconquerable heroes of the spaghetti westerns and samurai films to which My Youth In Arcadia pays frequent homage.

Aesthetically, Harlock is one of Matsumoto's most stunning achievements; with his feathered hair, eyepatch, facial scars and tight-fitted pirate tunic, he could be a Tiger Beat poster boy. My Youth in Arcadia is a brooding, introspective film that
will stay with you long after leaving the theatre, and essential viewing for any self-confessed otaku.

Kier-La Janisse