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ABC Afterschool specialABC Afterschool Specials - Exclusive feature interview!

Kier-La Janisse, the mastermind behind Cinemuerte interviews Martin Tahse, the award winning producer of the ABC Afterschool Specials. He discusses it's start, the show's direction, the casting process and numerous other topics! Many actors who later became famous got their start on this show during it's 16 year run from 1972 to 1988. Seen on the left is Michelle Pfeiffer and Val Kilmer from the 1983 episode "One Too Many" about drinking and driving.


Cannibal HolocaustGetting close to Halloween. Cannibal Holocaust. The classic that was banned everywhere "documentary" in uncut Dutch version is available on sale and NTSC region free.

An Italian/Colombian co-production, Cannibal Holocaust is largely
considered to be one of the most disturbing and violent films ever made. It earned an "X" rating in the USA in 1984, which was revoked a year later because it simply was too violent and shocking. The film was also banned in dozens of countries worldwide.

The plot concerns four documentary filmmakers who disappeared in the jungles of South America while shooting a film about cannibalism... Six months later a search team went in and could never have been prepared for what they found...

Few will like this film as it is deeply disturbing. Still, it is an

important film spawned numerous knockoffs after its release. A few bits of interesting trivia: 1) Cannibal Holocaust is one of the top ten highest grossing films of all time in Japan. 2) The film was banned in its native Italy. 3) There was a rumor that the actors were really killed, so director Ruggero Deodato had to take the actors with him to the set of an Italian TV show to prove that they weren't eaten alive. 4) The film includes authentic footage of real executions from Uganda. 5) The special effects in the film were so realistic that director Deodata had to go tocourt and prove that it was just fake blood and guts.


Two new movie reviews from Greg Sonier.
An odd little Philippino number called "For Your Height Only" starring a dwarf James Bond. Huh?! Also "Soul Vengeance" or "Welcome Home Brother Charles", A blaxploitation movie from 1975 where a brother smites his enemies with a 12 foot penis. God, where does Greg find these things? Here I am all excited when I discover something like Black Belt Jones. I'm just not worthy.


Goodbye Rodney. Us 80's movie fans will miss you. Hope you finally get some respect.

Star Wars on DVD. Another release, another bunch of minor changes. Young Darth, what's that kid's name, Hans Christen Anderson, Richard Dean Anderson or whatever is now digitally added, Jabba fixed up and less plasticy but still digital. Luke no longer screams like a little school girl after battle with Vader in Empire Strkes Back. Why does Lucas even bother. It's not like the changes are extensive or drastically alters the story. If there were an extra 15 or 20 minutes of footage that gives extra meaning or character development then yes, by all means. But, these changes with each new re-release are superficial and in the case of Greedo shooting first, well that's already been discussed to death.


Wow, Russ Meyer is gone. Maybe we can come up with a bunch of reviews of his best films, or if you want to contribute one contact us. In the meantime here's a list of pertinent links.


Greg Sonier from Calgary Alberta home of the Stampede has kindly contributed two new reviews. Count Dracula's Greatest Love and The Slasher is the Sex Maniac. Whoah duuude... where do you find these? Thanks Greg! Welcome aboard.


My bad. Been real busy and have not been updating the site. The new Cinema Sewer is out. (See our review.) Issue 15 is on the shelves and it looks like issue 16 won't be out till next year so pick one up. Also, see the complete Cineuerte film festival listings and more info on the Bloodshot 48 hour movie making marathon.

Anybody got any comments on what they want to see on this site? Do you want to contribute some reviews?

Let us know on the contacts page.


New Review. Band of Ninja by Nagisa Oshima.

New Reviews posted today.
Hair High
Long Weekend
Gusher No Binds Me aka Bottled Fools
Frankenstein:The True Story
Poor Pretty Eddie


Bunch of things.

First, shameless promo for our friends. Cinemuerte VI poster listed on Seriously, if you live anywhere near Vancouver, Seattle or can afford a vacation to Lotusland you should check it out.

In other news, the latest issue of Cinema Sewer is out. I haven't got my grubby hands on it yet but will pick it up over the weekend. Can't wait.

So, you guys in the US of A have Netflix. We in the Great White North (Canada) have smaller but similar outfits. My old mail order outfit from Alberta got bought out by based in Ontario. Non Canadians are going "huh?! WTF are you talking about?" Nevermind. It's just like Netflix but they charge us in funny Canuck money. Anyways, that has allowed the poor webmaster RL, to review many more DVD's than before. "So what?" you say. Well, it means more lame ass reviews and comments. What we are currently watching will be posted in the "Staff Picks" page.

First up, Criss Cross, a 1949 film noir with a young Burt Lancaster and Yvonne de Carlo (of later Munsters TV fame; born in our hometown of Vancouver!) finally released on DVD. An intriguing film marked by the archetypical patsy blinded by love, the femme fatale and the suave but deadly criminal blended in a deadly cocktail. Somewhat dated but has peaks of originality and wonderfully hard boiled dialogue. Worth seeing.


Our favorite eurotrash girls of all time. We explain why.


Latest info on Cinemuerte VI, western Canada's only alternative film festival and friends of Criminal Cinema has been released. Visit their News page and feel free to request your festival to be added on our site's Film Festival page. Looks like this year is going to be shorter but there will be a few new things to mix things up. A 48 hour film making contest with the results shown during the festival. Kinky.

(Poster courtesy of Rob Jones of




Ten more films added. At this rate we should hit 300 reviews within a month.

Zombie (Lucio Fulci goodness)
Turkey Shoot
The Revenger's Tragedy
The Girl Who Knew Too Much (early Mario Bava)
Hercules in the Haunted World (Mario Bava again)
Punishment Park
No Blade of Grass
Guyana, Crime of the Century (Jonestown massacre exploitation)
Let Me Die a Woman (graphic transexual exploitation)

Come back again tomorrow for more review listings. Tell your friends.

August, 9, 2004

Black Christmas
Bugsy Malone
Candy Von Dewd
Capturing the Friedmans
Cutting Moments
Grave of Fireflies
Haack, King of Techno
Haxan, Witchcraft Through the Ages
Josie and the Pussycats
Life Size
Lost in Translation
My Youth in Arcadia
Naked Blood
The Rats are Coming, the Werewolves are Here!
Rock n' Roll High School
Rock that Uke
Singapore Sling
Street Trash
Tender Flesh
The Ebola Syndrome
Trailer Town
Vampire's Kiss
Viva La Muerte
Who Can Kill a Child?
Zero Day



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